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How to Choose Authentic Native American Jewelry

When it comes to authentic Native American jewelry, it is important to choose the right piece because this kind of jewelry does not come cheap. These pieces are a unique imprint on today's fashion so it's no wonder why their price reflects this. In fact if it is authentic, Indian jewelry can sometimes be more expensive than a diamond. What is great about this jewelry is that there are a diverse number of options to choose from.

Many styles have been handed down through each generation and even today younger designers strive to capture the unique and ancestral style. You will find unique designs inspired from both the East and the West which offers even more diversity to choose from. A good way to understand more about this authentic jewelry is to understand what some tribes are known for creating.

White and abalone shells as well as turquoise are all common materials used by the Navajo tribe to make jewelry. You will find this type of jewelry to be one of the most popular in main stream stores today and because of that it can be quite expensive, although high quality.

Red clay, rock, and a variety of different stones were used by the Pueblos to create their fine jewelry. They also sometimes used turquoise like the Navajo tribe did. They have created almost all types of designs that you see on the market today which is why they were considered by some to be the masters in jewelry making.

The Zuni tribe provides a great example of what it means to create authentic Native American jewelry. Intricate designs were their specialty as was their skill for using silver and lapidary work in the same piece. Most focal points of Zuni jewelry are stones of all different shapes sizes and colors.

It is always a good idea to look into many different types of Indian jewelry before choosing what you want to invest in. Make sure that you have a good understanding of what kind of materials are used in this authentic jewelry so that you can determine whether something is really authentic or not while shopping.

You can probably find what you are looking for right on the Internet which can save you time and money because you don't have to scour the local stores in your area to find what you want. Stay away from big box stores like Amazon if you want to get the best deals. It is also a good way to ensure good customer support and specialist information if you need it.


Wedding Day Jewelry

It is natural for you to desire your wedding day to be the ideal day and look exceptional. Arrangements, time and again, looks towards spotlighting the wedding dress, but other than that there are a lot of additional aspects that need to be taken care of to accentuate your appearance. Most people set on a 'look' or a specific theme for the wedding day. It may take quite some time to get things together, like a striking pair of footwear or a gorgeous bunch of flowers that adds to the look of the dress or maybe even the entire ceremony. No matter what stimulates you, it is an excellent thought to make an effort and get a hold of every detail to highlight the attire.

Shopping for Wedding Day Jewelry and Wedding Rings: Avoid purchasing the wedding ring in a hurry. The wedding day jewelry is important to your appearance on the big day. You can start by visiting a jeweler's website, which is a fantastic way to begin and even visit the shops personally.

Websites are superb for getting your hands on extraordinarily large or small dimensions and most vendors commonly propose to transport it within a few days of you placing your order. You can access the details of the jewelry in the wedding day jewelry section of the site, as well as look at the huge photos of the same, before making a final choice.

The kind of jewellery to wear on the wedding day: If you planning on a traditional church wedding and are planning to wear a traditional, meringue-y wedding dress, in that case you can pull off huge, attention-grabbing pieces of jewellery. You could try stunning diamond earrings with an identical tennis wristlet and a fragile locket. If you are tight on a budget, you can get the identical appearance for a part of the cost with striking cubic zirconia adaptations of characteristic pieces of jewellery. To add the right ornaments to a strapless wedding dress, attempt a loosely brush up-do to bring everyone's notice to your shoulders, with a quantity of plain, graceful drop earrings that will move about and twirl and grab the lights. Diamond earrings will outline and illuminate your expressions for all the photos, adding to the bashful look.

The jewelry you choose should be chosen to suit your dress, complexion, hair style and the time and venue of the occasion. You should pre-plan the attire well in advance, to avoid any misfit on the final day. It pays to look around a while and conduct some research online and offline. Window shopping helps a lot too and you will be amazed at the range available. The choice of jewelry should be made alongside that of the dress and hairdo.

Remember plan ahead so you can take your time and enjoy the experience. Making a day of it with your bridesmaids is always a fun option, where you can include the dresses hairstyles and jewelry all on one day. Remember even if you did this you still don't have to make final decisions that day. Take a step back before deciding and don't get caught up in the excitement too much!


Choosing Musical Jewelry Boxes as a Gift for a Loved One

Both little girls and women alike enjoy musical jewelry boxes. They are a fun way to store precious jewelry and other small things that a girl holds close to her heart. This is especially true for those who love the sound of music.

A jewelry box is not as special or exciting if it doesn't have music accompanying it. There are many different kinds of musical jewelry boxes on the market that can help you to choose a perfect design for your loved one. There are also a number of price points to choose from that will enable you to find something that fits into your budget.

Design Options

You will find a number of different designs for jewelry boxes on the market. There really is no standard design. You can find traditional rectangle boxes that play music when they are opened, and you can find round or multi-tired options that play music when something specific is pushed or moved on the jewelry box. There are many that come in the traditional wooden ensemble but nowadays you'll find music boxes that come in a number of different colors and materials such as bamboo, fabric, and even plastic.

Music Options

You don't have to be stuck with a certain kind of music when it comes to buying musical jewelry boxes. In fact you can find themes to your favorite television shows, you can find songs from your childhood, and you can find new and popular songs from famous pop stars, rock stars, and even classical singers. There really is no limit to what kind of music you can have for musical boxes. In fact you can even order specialty boxes in which the music can be customize with a particular singer, song, and style although this service can be quite pricey.

Finding the Perfect Jewelry Box

While you can certainly find a number of options at your local brick and mortar shops, you might be surprised at all of the different options that are available to you on the Internet. This is important because you deserve to be able to choose from a wide myriad of designs, shapes, sizes, and price points. Make a list of the different things that you want from the various musical jewelry boxes options which will help you to narrow down your list to a manageable handful.

From there you can compare different quality and price points in order to choose the best option for you. It's a good idea to stay away from big box stores like Amazon and consider shopping at a smaller, more specialized shop if you want to get the most bang for your buck.


A Brief History Of Gold

Gold has a place in history regardless of the country of origin. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that gold is seen as a common currency in every country in the world. Gold sees no boundaries. History states that gold coins have been minted since around 670 BC when King Gyges of Turkey minted some gold coins for his personal currency when traveling. The Roman Legions were apprehensive when Julius Caesar first issued gold coins as payment for their service. However, the tune soon changed when the legions realized that the gold coins actually increased in value.

Today, bouillon gold coins have a face value that is pretty much just symbolic. The true value of a gold bouillon is the gold weight by content and the ever-fluctuating price of gold on the world market. A one-ounce gold coin is worth the market value of one ounce of gold minus around 5% for minting and shipping. Of course, bouillon coins come in various common weights: 1/20 of an ounce, 1/10 of an ounce, 1/4 of an ounce, 1/2 of an ounce and finally a one-ounce coin. Gold bouillon is a legal tender and gold coins are guaranteed authentic by the country of origin. Almost anyone can purchase and sell gold coins because of the diverse market acceptance.

In 1489, King Henry VII introduced the first gold currency into the world market. In Britain during World War I, Britain issues banknotes because gold bouillon was needed to finance the war. Soon, these banknotes completely replaced the use of gold sovereign. The gold sovereign ceased gold mint production in 1917 and started again in 1925. Then production was stopped for World War I and restarted in 1957.

There are many famous finds of gold in various regions of the world. These gold finds caused huge gold rushes. Gold rushes caused large amounts of people to migrate to these areas. Such places as the Klondike Gold Rush of Alaska, which occurred at Forty-Mile creek in 1886. In August of 1869, gold was then discovered at Bonanza Creek - a part of Klondike River, Yukon Territory. In the one-year starting in the winter of 1896 and ending in 1897, miners pulled out millions of dollars in gold bouillon. In the year 1915, over $50 million USD was exported from Alaska to the United States. The 1898 gold rush was a modern event. With the addition of media, the gold rush had world wide media coverage. This media coverage sent people rushing to the gold locations.

The history of gold is an amazing display of human endurance. It is estimated that only 120 to 140 thousand tons of gold is available above ground. Surprisingly, there is only $1.8 trillion USD total in gold above the ground. Compare that to the total US debt of almost $7 trillion USD. In addition, only $375 billion USD is held in reserves at banks around the world; $1.3 trillion USD in gold is owned by private parties.


Wedding Bands Can Be An Individual Or A Couple's Decision Together On Whether To Match

To Match or Not to Match that is Our Question

When many couples make the step to get married, they want to be of one heart, one mind, and one soul. Somewhere along the line many couples have taken the notion that this includes even the eternal signs and symbols of their undying love. Many couples wanting to hold to tradition ask, "are wedding bands supposed to match?" This can seem a daunting question for some couples. But maybe you are two very unique individuals with different tastes in the type of metal you want your band to be constructed from. There are no social or religious traditions that hold a bride and groom to have to buy matching wedding bands. Maybe the groom to be is fond of all platinum jewelry, and wears it on a daily basis. The bride may be very fond of yellow gold and most of what she owns follows that them. In these cases it would make more sense to take an individual perspective on which band to purchase.

Some Unique Options

In the past couple of decades weddings have taken on the flavor of the individuals who are getting married. People are becoming less traditional buy choosing non-traditional wedding gowns, writing their own vows, getting married in unique places, and having themed receptions. Selecting wedding bands is no different. After all, the rings are what you are exchanging with each other as a symbol of your love and union. The rings should be a reflection of who each person is and what they like. Here are some unique options to consider:

- Gold, white gold, silver, and platinum are not the only options for metals that construct wedding bands. There are other choices such as: palladium, rhodium, titanium, and steel.

- There's always the option of having diamonds of other gemstones placed in the bands. This should follow each person's unique taste

- Sometimes men like dragons and women love flowers. It's just a difference in the sexes. After all, some of those opposing qualities are what made you love your sweetie in the first place. Capitalize on it by having band designed that include unique designs such as engravings of flowers, dragons, cars, sports, or any other unique interest. Celebrate each other!

- Maybe he has his grandmother's wedding band and you have your grandfather's wedding band to offer on your special occasion. They certainly may not match, but they will make your day much more meaningful. Especially if the grandparents either had happy marriages or may have passed on.

- If the whole wedding band selection process becomes and issue, opt for very plain bands until you can make a decision. They will be cheaper in the long run and simple to replace.

- One of the most important factors in selecting a wedding band is getting a proper fit. Make sure the jeweler sizes both the bride and groom's fingers. Also, choose a band that looks good on your hand and isn't either too wide or too narrow to look attractive.

- Have a local artist you know and trust design wedding bands that uniquely fit you. If the person knows you both well, maybe he or she will know characteristics about each of you that make designing the rings easy. He or she may want to look at vows or poetry you may read to each other to design a ring around the theme of them.

Whatever your choice, be sure it is something you both will be happy with. This is the person you're committing your life to. Your rings are an outward symbol of the love that's in both of your hearts!


For The Love Of Jewelry

Jewelry can be elegant, sophisticated, beautiful, sassy, and unique. Surprisingly, jewelry is not always chosen because of price. A beautiful, playful piece of costume jewelry may be as enjoyed as a sophisticated, elegant piece of designer jewelry. However, choosing the right piece of jewelry for the right occasion is usually a task that determines the usefulness and appreciation of that particular jewelry piece. For example, a bridal ring as a gift on the first date will definitely have a different meaning than giving a set of Mardi Gras bead necklaces to that same first date. Depending on the occasion, the giving of jewelry can also have a different meaning.

Purchasing an appropriate piece of jewelry is a task best undertaken by those that have a love of shopping and a love of jewelry. Depending on the purpose of the proposed jewelry piece, you may choose to shop at a department store, a retail store, or a specialty shop. All of these establishments have their advantages with the major difference being the target audience reached.

Department stores tend to target a medium to high spending demographic. Macys is going to be a lot more expensive than say JC Penney's. A regular retail shop is going to be on the low-end to medium-end of the jewelry fashion and price range. A store like Wal-Mart is going to offer a wide range of jewelry that can range from cheap costume jewelry to some medium grades of diamonds and gold. Specialty stores can be the 'creme de la creme' of the jewelry world. Depending on the quality of the specialty store, the jewelry will range in individual piece quality and price. Wherever you choose to purchase your jewelry, use caution and shop around. Remember the saying "all that glitters is not gold". Just because a specialty shop has a pretty storefront does not mean it has higher quality merchandise than other jewelry shops.

Choosing the right piece of jewelry to wear is best decided on an occasion to occasion basis. Wearing that expensive diamond and emerald necklace to the beach is probably not a good idea. Maybe a better idea is to wear that gaudy, shell beach necklace you got at the discount store. Using the same logic, wearing a gaudy, brightly colored piece of costume jewelry with your formal attire for that special occasion is not as well taken as wearing that simply elegant pearl necklace. Depending on the occasion, jewelry will take on different elements of appropriateness.

There are many types, styles and colors of jewelry to meet just about any occasion. They range from man made stones and gems used in the creation of special pieces to natural gems, stones and metals taken from the ground. There are also people that believe in superstitions that follow many jewelry items such as charm bracelets. Some people are allergic to certain types of jewelry components and must take measures to ensure that they do not have allergic reactions. One of the most common reactions is to jewelry that contains nickel.

Men have lost their lives in search of precious jewels and many more have spent a wage packet or two on one special jewelry piece for a loved one. One thing for certain is that our love affair with jewelry remains as strong as ever. Next time you think of buying a piece of jewelry, just spare a thought for the effort that has gone into making such a fine piece. You may also find that saying the right words, at the right time are received just as warmly and will cost you a lot less.


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